Suits and Spooks: Innovative Problem-Solving On National Security Issues

“What we are creating now is a monster whose influence is going to change history, provided there is any history left.” (John von Neumann)

 When John von Neumann said those words in 1952, he didn’t mean the Atomic bomb that he helped create as a scientist with the Manhattan Project. He was referring to his revolutionary work in high speed computing. Over sixty years later, the computer has revolutionized every aspect of our life – from currency to medicine to warfare. Our almost total reliance upon insecure software and hardware has made the world less safe, and has fundamentally changed the power equations between State and Non-State actors. 

Suits and Spooks 2017 will focus on identifying the world’s most valuable new technologies, who the threat actors are that are looking to acquire them, and what can be done to stop them.

Admission is $549 for industry, and $375 for full-time government, military, or academia employees. Visit SuitsandSpooks.com to register.

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Gunter Ollmann

Vectra Networks, Inc.
Chief Security Officer
Gunter Ollmann is a seasoned veteran of the Information Security world - successfully defining and trail-blazing new security markets, inventing revolutionary classes of technology, building and leading globally recognized research teams, revitalizing and constructing high margin and profitable business units, and providing expert council to Fortune 100 companies for decades.

Having researched, written, and published several hundred technical whitepapers and by-lined articles over the years, Mr Ollmann is a respected authority on security issues and technology, and regularly interviewed by the press. He has been a featured contributor and columnist for publications such as SC Magazine, Dark Reading, and CircleID, and has been quoted or referenced by hundreds of major print, radio, and TV news providers; ranging from USA Today to The Financial Times, from CNN to the BBC, and from NPR to Radio4.

As a seasoned C-level executive and technologist, Mr Ollmann has been core to bringing new technologies and services to market via start-ups, market leading providers, and globally recognized house-hold brands. Experiences gained in managing and being instrumental in several dozen M&A deals (as acquired, acquirer, consultant, or adviser) ranging from tens-of-millions through to billion dollar acquisitions, have enabled him to navigate difficult markets and rapidly integrate technologies, processes, and people.